Saturday, September 4, 2010

sleep baby sleep...

dear lifeylife...

xsempat pape, sedar2 da nak dekat raya..
sibuk putting people to sleep bfore the surgeries..
being an anesthesiologist is rather cool but full of risk
i enjoyed it very much tho
walaupun oncall kadang tu selang sehari selama seminggu stright dan asek kene melepek kat icu yg bnyak nyamuk tu
saye tetap gumbire
kate mak, "ikhlas bantu org susah"
baik mak!!

semalam mase oncall, ade surgery cito
mule2 katenye suspect acute appendisitis pada a 3months pregnant woman
rupe2nye bukan acute appendisitis namun ectopic pregnancy pada the mommy's right fallopian tube...
everything went well
we put her under regional anesthetic tru subarachnoid space injection in between lumbal 4 and lumbal 5...
everything went well... very well indeed...
pastu dr samad(the operator) keluarkan that lil' fella!
the foetus was more or less 8cm long..
he was still moving! i saw his legs kicking!
and i saw his chest pumping...
then he stopped n never move again...

then akhirnye when the surgery ended
we took the mother to the recovery room
she asked for her foetus
the dad da amik da the foetus
he even took a picture of it before we put it into a container and give it to the family..
then we asked her whether she wants to see the picture of it
then die geleng at the same time air mata die menitis
aduh.. sedih nyee..

this is that lil' strong fella. we took a picture of it because it's very rare utk dpt keluarkan foetus secara whole mcm ni
it's an amazing experience for me...
dont worry baby.. be strong...
u'll be playing the the heaven in no time
wait for ur mommy there ok baby?

ok nak g nanges skarang!

ps: yaAllah, jauhkan lah dari hal2 sedemikian terjadi kepadaku, keluargaku dan teman2ku... amin...


BURDHANI said...

omg, u still dpt tgk while he's kicking. what a miracle kan. sedih pulak..T__T. moga baby tenang di sana.

Hawa CMS said...

he moved for quiet sometime jgak before he actually stopped.
sedih sangat actually
but we have to do what we have to do to save the mother's life..
takpe la
the baby tak de dosa pun
so he'll be just fine right?

hamiDahRecKs said...

hmm,nasib tak ruptured lagi ...kalu tak ngn mak dia pun being jeopardized...tak pe dik hawa..jgn sedeh2..being a doctor u need to separate emotion n our duty...anyway enjoy anaest ok!mmg best !

Hawa CMS said...

agak la. but time tu the mother's punye bleeding da agak bnyak jugak. good thing she was being very strong and holding in there with us. my konsulen siap pesan siap2 lg kat mommy tu camni "ibu jgn kemana2 ya. disini aja sama kita".. huhu~

its very true kak reck dat we doctors have to separate emotions n our duty, but sometimes i do find it very hard tho. haha! i'm working on it lah tapi. sbb anyhow that's wat makes us a better doctor rite?

yeah! ayuh enjoy anest for another a week! pastu berpindah ke departmnt bedah membedah pule! oyeh3!

Ummu Solehah Muhammad said...


Hawa CMS said...

seeedeeeyyy kaaaannn!!!

efa fairuz said...

omg this is way crossing my borderline.. its so sad! i wonder how u ppl can be the doctor to witness all this.. kena hati kering lah.. akak tak sanggup.. T____T

Hawa CMS said...

tak kering mana pun kak efa
basah dipaksakan jd kering, still ade lembap2 sikit
tp kalo terbuai emosi like kak reck said, the mom will definitely be dead by the end of the operation so both ilang, the mommy and the baby
like i said bfore, we have to do what we have to do..
semoga kami kuat!
doakan ye!!