Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Scaling gigi

Dear lifeylife....

One thing dat u shuld know, scaling tu ngilu weh! Siyes xtipu!

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

saya sayang emak saya

dear lifeylife....

mak u really made my day goes berbunge3 gumbire lah mak!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

fresh from the oven

dear lifeylife...

kak nani...
ni baru fresh from the oven
.::. when the picture was taken, the baby must be around 15minutes old..

paed selesai!

dear lifeylife...

jerit kegembiraan kuat2
paed sudah selesai!
we are now pediatricians!!!

i da pandai pegang babies
makcik2 yg nak masuk meminang, silekan la~

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Oncall perina lagi dan lagi...

Dear lifeylife...

Smlm I stayed up until 3am settle kan status patient ujian. Sbb today I kne exam patient. Pastu tibe2 kene coverkan colleague oncall arini coz die kene exam patient die tomorrow. And unfortunately, oncall arini xsetenang oncall 2 hari lepas. Td pg ade baby apnea(stopped breathing) and we cpr-ed for more then 1 hour. Baby tu kembar. The bigger baby yg apnea. The smaller one still bertahan. Tonite at around 7, the bigger one tu apnea lg, then akhirnye meninggal. At the same time the smaller one started having difficulty to breath. Its gonna be a very loonngg loonngg nite tonite!

Ps: ni kaki the smaller baby. Kecik kan?
Ps lg: nak tdo kejap tp xle sbb kne observe baby yg critical every 30 mins. Mata da rabak!

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I need a hug...

Dear lifeylife..

Go to Interesting don't u think?
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Sunday, June 12, 2011

im not tired

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Testing 123...
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how they grow...

dear lifeylife...

oh adik2 ku
kak long tunggu korang lahir mcm tunggu emas jatuh dr langit!
7 tahun menyingle xbest woooo!!
now semua org da besor panjang(lebar?)
jd adik2 yg baik okeh?
nnt kak long da kaya raye nnt kak long kasik supply eskim unlimited kat korng

once upon a time, 2005
once upon a time, 2010
pesanan panaja: bile nak exam mule wat mende2 aneh contohnye korek2 folder gambar zaman ntah bile. ;-l

Saturday, June 11, 2011

a girl can dream...

dear lifeylife...

heart warming...
a girl's life seems perfect if she found a guy that can do anything everything beyond watever to please his girl..

hey a girl can dream and its not a sin aite?

pesanan penaja: dont put such high expectations la tapi. jatuh tergolek meleleh2 air mata nnt. buahahah!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


dear lifeylife....

smlm oncall yang tenang di perina ward
cute babies oh cute babies laalaalaa~

had a superbly unproductive post-call sunday
like i always said, post-call syndrome --> hyper-tido-isme
but today was beyond acceptation
end up waking up feeling soooo stressful
ah watever
salah sendiri rite*otak ligat carik alasan utk diri sdiri*
buuuut i had such a hard-core on-call schedule for the past 3 weeks
kerja for 14 days straight with night shift 36 hours every 2 days for almost 3 weeks and 24 hours sunday shift 2 weeks in a row is a little bit too much for me. for me yg pemalas ni la ;p

heh watever la
will finish my pediatric cycle in 3 weeks bebeh!
nomore screaming babies oyeh!
nomore stubborn parents oyeh!
nomore small legs kicking me whenever i want to put the small stethoscope onto their small chest!
nomore morbilli+bronkopneumonia, nomore diarrhea+dehydration, nomore anemia+undernourished, nomore febrile seizures, nomore DSS, nomore encephalitis morbilli, nomore cyanotic babies.... nooomooooree!!(for now at least)

but i'll be missing all those sweet smiles, innocent faces.
bak kate Dr Yani, babies yg bersih tanpa sepalit dosa tu membawa ketenangan pada kite
ok not all. coz screaming babies definitely mmbuatkan i tak tenang. ngeh3~

tembamness that somehow sent a pinch of happiness to my empty soul