Friday, March 12, 2010

sile jgn low self-esteem lagi dah!

dear lifeylife....

i have a very low self-esteem
until last tuesday,i still couldnt believe that i had passed my osce!
siyes!! tak caye ke?
i siap rasa i da salah tgok result la ape la
then i literally have to g campus ag skali to tgok the result
and kebetulan nak try jubah for the graduation day nnt
so utk mengelakkan rasa xpercaya diri tu dtg lagi and utk mengelakkan the urge utk g campus ag smata2 nak tgok result just to make sure i tol2 lulus, i amek gambar
so tiap kali the low self-esteem dtg ag, just simply tgok gambar je xpyh susah2 g campus rite?

my mom da belikan tiket flight for the whole family nak dtg jakarta nnt
i even da booked a room for them for rm360 for 4nights**boley tahan murah la kan?**
the plan is, aniem and lil' a'an will be sleeping with me kat my room
and adam, alip and mak abah will stay at the hotel
the room is kinda luas coz it's a suite so i guess xperlu la nak amik smpai 2 bilik rite?

and also da g kat studio tnye kan price for studio photography session nnt
it was quite cheap and most importantly dekat ngan my house so xpayah travel jauh2
the price given was rp150k for 10 shoots and 5 best pics will be printed out for us(size besar)
last time ms jalan2 kat CL with sarah, there was this booth yg promotes their photography skills for weddings and pre-weddings. but i asked for graduation photos. and the guy there explained to me that the cheapest graduation package is rp280k for 3 pictures in an elegant album. but the picture is actually for 5-6 people only and if tambah sorng lagi(as our family consist of 7people termasuk lil' a'an) kene add up another rp100/person??**sbb nak kawal face expression masa picture taking akn jd bertambah susah sbb bertmbah org?? waterparkk??**
mahal gile la kan jadinye? da la diorng nye studio jauh nun di jakarta utara(i am in jakarta barat)
so it's obvious la kan which package that i will take?

skarang yg belum settle adelah rental car yg nak guna for jenjalan to bandung
nak the best(read:cheapest) price la kan as mak da berabes bnyak utk belikan flight tickets for the whole family dtg jakarta so kne la cut off bnyak2 skit belanja kat sini.. huhu~

ok dah la
nak menikmati cuti dgn hati yg tenang!

.::. a'an ckp die nak datang jakarta naik helikopter! hahaha~ hilarious!!
.::. sape nak join jenjalan jakarta? jom la!


Anonymous said...


ila ni said...

wow girangnya suasana menyambut kejayaan anak sulung! ibunda anda tk mao sponsor saya juga ke? . . .T_T

Anonymous said...

ayuh la ila!
ayuh la jenjalan di jakarta!!
and u r invited too wahai cik anonymous!


Anonymous said...

ouh really? u know my name? where are u now actually?

chokio_nia said...

comel la aan..nak dtg akak grad gak leh??

Hawa CMS said...

eh ain!
jom la jom laaaa!
bawakkan kak awa a bouquet of flowers and a teddy bear wearing graduation cap and gown!
menagih simpati neh!

Ct Nurh0ney said...

walaupn tak pnah jumpe, tp aku bgga ngn ko.hehe CONGRATS!!!!
sonoknye the whole family dtg jakarta! jgn lupe upload gmba konvo tu ye cik Awa=)

Hawa CMS said...

thnx hani!
gambar akn diupload later