Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Blind Side

dear lifeylife....

watched "The Blind Side" for the 2nd time with sukma just now. very heart-warming story i tell u. sile la tgok sape yg belum tgok! well, talking bout doing charity and the good things for others mcm Leigh Ann did, the night before, on the way back from CL, with Sukma and Aya, us girls, talking bout a lot of things, and one of the topic that brought up was on how Sukma and i had this same dream on being a charity navigator. and gosh i was so happy to have someone that have the same 'angan-angan' like mine.

back in the days, when i was young, i mean as young as i can remember, five maybe six, it was hari raya i guess, coz i remember receiving so much duit raya from the adults. i was following my parents pergi beraya kot, it must be one of abah's bau2 bacang pnye relative, and she was very old, and the house was obviously not like mine, and the food she served for us was like almost nothing, and it was hari raya and she was, to my eyes, not wearing the supposedly baju raya and all lah. so i was so sedih. and when my mak and abah bid good byes and all, and called me to salam her, i hold my duit raya(not all of it la obviously) in my hand, and just salam that old lady, and gave her the money, and quickly ran to the car. back then, i really dont know what it was meant, but it just seems to be the right thing to do...

and just few years back, during the interview for the scholarship, the man who interviewed me, sit there and looked me right in the eyes and asked me, what do i want to do actually in my life, and for God Gracious' sake, i really dont know why, my eyes went blurry!! oh yeah people! i cried during my interview! as humiliating as it was to cry during the interview, i put myself in such a difficult situation to just explain to him that i wanted to make a change, to make a difference, to help the one in needs. sometimes, something are just too hard to be put into words and just meant to be kept inside aite?

berbalik kepada what sukma and i were talking bout in the taxi, we were like, 'owh, kite kan ramai kawan2 doctors sume kan, we can just simply recruit them on helping out a little bit here and there kan?', well the truth is, kawan2 kite sume, ade engineers, ade pilots, ade doctors, ade architects, ade accountants, and mcm2 lagi jenis career yg we all know that eventually we will all live dengan kecukupan, even kelebihan. and giving out a little bit wont hurt kankankan?

so ayuh lah kawan2, kite bersama2 tanamkan semangat untuk memberi!

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