Saturday, November 14, 2009

kawan2 jgn tak tdo b4 exam ok?

dear lifeylife....

yay! dah lepas surgery and pharmacy!!!
semoga lulus dengan warna yg berterbangan

scalpel holder and blades
my minor set
2 weeks in surgery mmg sngat stressfull la
i dont know why
must be bcoz of the the lecturer doctor sorang tu yg muka masam cetung almost all the time
dah la almost setiap hari ade pre-test then followed by post-test sebelum test sebenar
hari test sebenar tu which was last wednesday, the night before, i hit the bed so late and terkebil2 tak bleh tido coz stress yg amat dgn surgery
i think i went to the lala land just right b4 subuh masuk kot
after subuh tu i thought lets rest at the lala land just for a little while more sbb sngat penat
n mase tu baru 5am and the exam willl start at 8am
so pk i had at least 2 hours more to let my brain rest
but God Gracious the next thing i know was i terbagun dgn terpinga2 caused by the in-calling call from my group mate asking me where was i and the lect were asking us in already!
it was almost 8.10am and i wasnt even had my morning bath yet!
masa tu, rasa nak koma dah! and the panic attack were worsening the situation..
the heart was running and pounding very hard, the stomach was getting very2 upset, the head was being dizzy and mula rasa terawang2, tangan dah started to be shaky and trembling, the palm started to sweat very heavily, the whole body terasa sejuk dingin.... ah it was not a very nice feeling i had! not nice at all! senang kata it was awful!
tp kemudian by the time i smpai kat campus, my group mate kata td die panggil just sbb nak undi turn exam and turn i adelah no.9 out of 10 group mates i sume tu...
and i gave out a very loooongg greatful sigh...
gosh takmo la jadi mcm tu! teruk2 sant teruk! takmo ag dah!

ok tunggu punya tunggu
smpai lah turn i
masuk, stright ke exam tindakan
biasa nye anamnesis and physical examination dulu
tp my other colleague was doing his anamnesis and physical examination with another lecturer doctor
me, cabut undi case dulu
oyeh! dapat needle thoracocentesis! kind of senang la actually so proceed la ngan amik alat2 nye sume and get ready
then the lecturer doctor came and told me to start the procedure
yada yada yada..... then tibe part anesthetic injection
tibe2 die tnye i how to kire dose die
deng! i really forgot how nak kira
i tau satu ampul yg i pakai tu ade lidocain 2% 2ml
and i mmg tau how to kira sume tu and even if die nak i dilute the lidocain tu pun i know how
but my pengiraan mmg jenis nak cepat so i really dont mind the details cara kira sume
n she wanted me to explain that of all other thing?! so ape ag, i sambung la panic attack i tu kat depan doctor plak!
it was funny pk2 balik, naseb dpt doctor yg baek ati n tolong ingatkan i! if dpt doktor yg tak berapa nak baek tu how? mau nages ek?
ok to make the long story short, maka berakhirlah surgery
then belum ilang penat n stress, trus masuk pharmacy(the next day of course)
well takpe la
dah lepas sume tu
da lulus da pun surgery
just nak tunggu result pharmacy ajek lagi
**surgery adelah menarek! jom kite jadik Surgeon lah jom!!**
**tp bagaimana ngan cita2 nak Gyne??**

to celebrate berakhirnye surgery aritu, nining and i went to Roxy Sq to have lunch together and end up buying ourselves some CDs utk dinikmati pada hujung minggu yg sngat berharga tersebut...
i bought Grey's Anatomy season 5
lama gile da meninggalkan Grey's Anatomy ni
well as i remembered season yg lepas2, takde plak i nanges2 nengok cerita tersebut
tp this season? y o y? have i gone soft???
so macam mane nak jd surgeon ni kalo soft2 mcm ni? cannot oh cannot!
however, looking at a human being, talking to him and end up he, dying in ur hands(literally) and u cant do anything to help but to let him die easily and with less pain will never be easy! never going to be! am i dat strong to handle that???

Meredith Grey::
"Doctors live in a world of constant progress and forward motion. Stand still for a second, and you'll be left behind. But as hard as we try to move forward, as tempting as it is to never look back, the past always comes back to bite us in the ass. And as history shows us again and again, those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it."


ila ni said...

whoaa~ tahniah berjaya harungi walau pun permulaannya pah ko ila ddeba baco!

Hawa CMS said...

debba ek bace?
leh doh tu tambah cita2 nak jd penulis novel adventure ni nampak nye!!

oh lupe nak tules dalam post!
mnggu dpn ObGyn plop!
(berturut2 stage major peh penat gile!even lect pun kagum ngan group ktorang hehe~)
so minggu dpn kite tgok la masih berminat dop nak jd Gyne

chokio_nia said...

haha..klaka la kak hawa..seb bek ok kan..haha

Hawa CMS said...