Thursday, December 18, 2008

kuntum dan 'the white silk dress'

dear lifey life...

i arrived at klia at about 310pm on last 14th of dec. i was starving! and unfortunately i only got rm8 in my purse(poor2 me!).. however, i was so lucky dat pak itam came n picked me up no more then 10mins after i got all my bags. n pak itam was so kind to buy me a corn-in-cup on the way back to cheras as i kept on membebel on how staving i was feeling.. heheh~~

smpai cheras, seems like atok, nenek, acik, che june with children,mak anjang with childern and mak lang with daughter had just arrived from the kenduri in taiping n i was so damn lucky dat nenek has tapau me some delicious nasi kenduri!!<--me ate like dah tak makan nasi 3hari! haha~~ then when i was eating, nenek said..."kuntum baru beranak, tp smlm anak die yg lagi satu tu mati..." refering to acik's cat named kuntum n her only left kitten named boboi... n kuntum kept on licking n licking her baby to show that she really loves him... then nenek said, "kuntum tu takle nak berenggang ngan anak die... kalo so boboi ilang je, kemain die mencarik.." seeing kuntum and boboi makes me think a lot that night, n the night after, n after dat especially after i saw a movie in astro kirana entitled 'the white silk dress', about how a mother in the middle of the vietnamese war placed in the central vietnamese seaside town of Hoi An, would secrifice anything and everything, to make sure her daughters would not have to stop going to school, included her only valuable thing that she has which is the white silk dress given by her husband on her wedding day that she turned into a school uniform that will be shared by two of her daughters. that is after she being slapped by her husband when he knew that the mother went to breast-fed a wealthy very-very-very-old man in town just to get a little bit of money to make a school uniform for her daughters.(one might think that it is so eeeuuuwww but hey, in those critical time of war, people would do almost everything to survive!!)

the poster of the movie

for me, it is a very good genre of movie to be watched(not like usual typical indonesian love dramas!) dat can give out loads of moral values, not just useless tears came out just bcoz the heroin cant be married to the hero bcoz the out-of-mind-wealthy granny wont restui n there is also an evil fiencee that being arranged by the evil granny yg keep on messing up with the heroin!!<---emo sbb sngat2 mnyampah ngan that kind of cerita! esp indonesian dramas sbb mesti slalunye this kind of drama sngat meleret2 n memenyampahkan!! i wonder knapelaaa malaysian suke sngat tgok those kind of dramas! eeeerrgghh!

the main point that i want to state here is how a mother shuld love her children unconditionally. even kuntum knows how!! i was so dissapointed seeing all the children being left by themselves on the extremely busy street of jakarta to beg for money and food in the middle of the road especially when the traffc light goes red. it was so dengerous not to mention very cruel to manipulate the little ones like that! the children that being left to wonder around on the road are as young as 4-5years old, the age that should be fully cared all the time by their parents! but where are their parents??? sitting at home? waiting for the children to come back with some rupiahs that will eventually be taken by the parents??!! gosh! that's so cruel of them to do so!

ok lah!
enuf with the eo part!
cant wait to go back to besut!
nak jumpe adik!

till then!


ila ni said...

sob..sobb..ila juga amat sedeh melihat kanak2 yg begging for food & money semua itu...

"huh, harap muka je lawa, tapi hati busuk!" <--- tapi kalau jenis ni memangg haku hanginn!! hahahha

yaya said...

i finally had the chance to read ur 'life'...=)
suprised to noe the x-srtm are there too..
hoping to have the time + intrnet too...huahua of luck for ur next journeys in the lifey life
cant wait to read more of them

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