Saturday, December 6, 2008

hujan2.. basah2...

dear lifeylife...

as promised
ni le isi parcel yg me dpt last week...
also a custom made year-2009-calander with our pics on it
him buat tru
nice.. sgt cute!

after nonstop-begging accompanied with a little bit of membebel
at last its mine!!!
it's been raining almost all day long today
sngat sejuk!!
best nye bergulung lam blankie n doing nothing....!!
few pics amik kat balcony in front of my room...

pagi yg best...

ujan2!! basah2

okey la
till then

1 comment:

ila ni said...

cit cit it looks faaaar better than the real one. i mean,er..the environment, the ambience. jakarta bukan begini! hahhaa

*jealous terhadap ur 'penthouse'*