Wednesday, December 3, 2008

ikan bawal percik

dear lifeylife...

last night i cooked 'ikan bawal percik' for dinner
forgot to snap a pic of it(huahuahua~~ lg pun ila dah busan asek tgok food jek)
but i promised him that i'll post the recipe here in the blog so that next time if he wants to cook his 'kepak-ayam percik', he wont have to wait for me n ask for the recipe over n over again. hikhik~

here we go!

Kuah percik(for fishes, chickens or watsoever yg nak dimakan lah)

for ex: 5ketul 'kepak ayam'

blend these first
7 dried chilis(how many? depends on how hot u want it to be)
5 red onions(depends on the size of the red onions la of kos)
3 bulbs of garlic
a little bit of ginger
a little bit of lemon grass
a little bit of fresh tumeric

then the blended ingredients will be added to:-
coconut milk
chicken stock cubes
rice flour or cornstarch to thickens

wat to do with the ingredients?
  1. all the added ingredients must be mixed thoroughly then be put into a wok-or-watever kind of periuk u have
  2. then be slowly and constantly stirred over low heat until the mixture thickens
  3. after thickens, take it away from the kitchen stove and let it cold down
  4. the 5ketul of 'kepak ayam' can either be deep fried or BBQed/grilled first
  5. pour the kuah percik over the 'kepak ayam'
  6. serve with hot rice!
  7. voila!!!
ok lah,
till then,


cik melor said...

ternyata kamu mmg pandai memasak..

Awa Laaaa~~ said...

ni bkan pandai cik melor wei
ni wat2 pandai namenye

Anonymous said...

ehm. blog recipe...
ehm, leh kamu jadi tok guru ye.