Wednesday, November 3, 2010

of smiles and frowns..

dear lifeylife.....

putting my both hands into a patient's tummy during a laparotomy is sooooo cooolll
sooo soooo coool!
holding the slimy colon from the inside of tummy is cooler
and when my consultant asked me to hold the warm liver, i felt like i might pingsan with excitement
closing up the laparotomy on my own while my consultant did the colostomy is superfragilicious

feeling that the cancer has literally closed up the rectum and climbing up to the colon is bad
holding the warm liver but realize that the cancer has mestastasized from the rectum and now is eating up the liver is far worst
but closing up without doing nothing but the colostomy because the cancer has literally taking over the body and there's nothing we could do to stop it is devastating

sometimes, some things are just meant to be....

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