Saturday, January 30, 2010

i am happy for them!

dear lifeylife....

2 friends asked me to look around for kain for their engagement day but failed to tell me that they will be engaged very soon
they even failed to bitau i yg kain tu utk their engagement
just simply"awa, plis tgokkan kain for me leh tak?" and that's it
and i am so sedih and marah and disappointed.....

berhak ke i nak marah?
berhak ke i nak rase disappointed?
berhak ke i utk rase diri dipergunakan?

i salu nak please people sometimes i lupe nak please myself

takpe la
it'll pass~

PS: i am still happy for them and i decided to help anyway even tho osce tak smpai sebulan lagi.. haih~


ila ni said...

awa, belikan ila sepasang baju perkahwinan. (taknak btau ila nk kahwin dlm masa 2 bulan akan dtg)

Hawa CMS said...

liar liar pants on fire~~