Tuesday, December 8, 2009

11th Jakarta International Film Festival

dear lifeylife....

hari ni ade tayangan filem Gubra by Almarhumah Yasmin Ahmad
sbb i belum pernah tengok secara penuh(sekerat2 je tengok), so i've decided to go to the Blitz Megaplex with some friends to watch Gubra la kan.
dkat sana, dah amik tiket semua, baru sedar yg later after the muvie, akn ade Q&A session with Sharifah Amani and Orked Ahmad(kakak Almh Yasmin Ahmad-nama Orked from Gubra and adik beradik cerita tu adelah based on Orked Ahmad's name but the story line itself was based on Almh Yasmin Ahmad's life)

i enjoyed the muvie so much, and as soon as the muvie ended, the whole panggung was giving such an appreciative applause for the muvie(sngat mmbanggakan to be there mase tu, hehe~)
but during the Q&A session, sgat terharu sbb Orked was kind of emotional when she talked about he late sister
at first, sharifah amani dtg and talked with her full semngat waja, pasal how she enjoyed working with such a beautiful spirit like Almh Yasmin Ahmad
then the mic was passed to Orked Ahmad, and immediately the whole panggung went dead silent... sebabnye suara Orked Ahmad pun da start sebak2 tahan nangis... sngat terharu...

by the end of the Q&A session, we went down and talked to them, they were happy to see us malaysian around(siap tukar2 phone no, emails and all la). even asked us very eagerly to come for the next muvie, esp Muallaf and TeleNtime(as i belum pernah tengok both muvie lagi.. pity me), so we are planning to go n watch both muvie jumaat nnt
cerita Muallaf kene berbayar tiketnye, n tiket da abes dijual, but we are planning to ask kak Orked to help us out so dat we can join to watch the muvie, but for TeleNtine, mmg already free but kene ke Blitz awal sejam la to get the tickets...

ok la
it's getting late n i need my beauty sleep now
sebelum tu
some piccas of today's Gubra session
ok then,
moin moin~

11th JIFF

with org seni

kak Orked Ahmad

Sharifah Amani and us

::oh yes, lupe nak ckp, lpas abes klas trus g Blitz tu sbb takut xsempat. dats y berbaju kurung, siap bawak beg keja sumbat2 the white coat dalam tu bawak berat2 kehulu kehilir::

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