Saturday, November 29, 2008

i want my choc cuppycake!!!

dear lifeylife...

just now, baru je 'antar' him pkol 12am(jakarta)@6pm(coburg) td yg nak ke nürnberg for his futsal session tomorrow morning
maka bermula la saturday yg mmbuhsankan

one of the kebaya!
one more thing!
sngat frustrated ngan how my business kebaya lately
actually, there's a good part n a bad part of this thing
the good part is, i've been receiving lots of orders for kebaya this month
but then here comes the bad part!
i SMSed the dealer asking for the availability of the kebayas booked by my online customers, n he SMSed me back telling dat most of the sizes that my online customers want are not available!!!!! eerrgghhh!!! frust nyeee!!

esok pagi myb i will go to tanah abang lah to see the dealer himself to talk to him bout the kebayas needed.. ades.. malasnye nak meredah terik matahari jakarta yg sesangat memigrainkan kepala, lom lagi heavy traffic n thick asap that comes from the bajajs n buses tu. lg kat tanah abang tu, weekends cani, sure ramai gile umat manusia! nak tawar menawar harga pun susah!

salah satu sesi 'mewalruskan diri' with sarah
sarah at the 'starting point'. getting ready. haha~

td siang,
bdak2 ni ajak me g 'mewalruskan diri'(as stated by cik dayah aya) kat The Buffet(all u can eat restaurant), CitraLand@CL. tp unfortunately, tak dpt nak join sbb bdak2 tu g kol 2 n my class with Prof Muzeif abes at almost 3. so malas la nak terkedek2 g CL sorang. lg pun i've been having stomachache je dr smlm. so lagi mmbantutkan keinginan to join the girls. xpe la, next tyme leh ajak sarah g 'mewalruskan diri' berdua. haha~ org The Buffet pun da knal da me ngan cik sarah tu. makan tak hengat dunia! almaklumla, food bnyak sngat, kitorng tolong perabehkan tamo kasik mmbazir(no wonder la badan da cam walrus kan?). our routine had been standerdized already. 1st we'll be eating some indonesian food, continued by the steam-boat session, then pusing2 lagi for another indonesian cuisine or myb some japanese teriyaki or chinese roasted chicken/duck(eerrr, me dont eat duck loooh), then baru lah proceed to deserts n all(for sarah, for her, The Buffet crepes is a MUST!! hehe~) ... seriously, The Buffet is only for serious eater je, sbb tu kalo nak makan kat The Buffet, mmg nak kne starve dulu la seharian! klo tak mmg rugi gle la..

ok la
bnyak lak membebel today. da la pasal food jek sme. haha~

till then love,

p/s: i want my choc cuppycake!

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