Friday, December 7, 2012

bye bye...

sedar tak sedar
dah 4 tahun berblog
not that i blog much
and i dont think it make any difference if i blog or not

a lot of things has changed
way of thinking

we made mistakes
and regret it
and wish we wouldnt do it
we grew up
and be an adult
and face the harshness of reality

next week
akan bermula new phase of my life
today i set so many things stright
as an egoistic person
i tried to overcome it
because i am scared

i think im gonna stop blogging
it is
life is...

will miss u a lot
we had great time together
we did
i'll keep that in my mind

bye dear
bye bye....


1 comment:

ila ni said...

hukk aloh awa nehh....ore nk tgk blog dio pasni, kot2 la ado dokter semat dlm gmbr awa kohkhokhokh