Friday, November 2, 2012


Dear lifeylife....

Semalam kucing tunggal rumah ni beranak...
Mak abah cakap kucing tu xreti jaga anak2 dia.
So when aniem told me she was delivering her babies, while walking around the house, I wasn't that surprised..
We found a big box, and put a lot of kain inside, then put the preggy mom with a kitty bergayutan kat celah kangkang die inside the box.
At first, she seemed so ignorant to her baby, but after a few sekehan manja dr yours truly, she started to lick her first black-coloured-baby.
It took her quite sometimes to give birth to another 3 tompok-tompok hitam putih kitties.
And with a little bit more of encouragement and cheering, we are proud to say that she's taking a very good care of her kitties right now.


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