Sunday, June 24, 2012


dear lifeylife...

ayuh saye ceritakan wat happened to me on my interview session with my patient and the consultant during the exam day...
my patient pada awal pertemuan saya dengan beliau sedang mengalami her manic episode, which is exactly one week sebelum the exam day
pada manic episode, a person akn jd sngat hiper, happy tak tentu pasal, menari2 berjoget2, cakap sangat2 banyak(logorrhoea/incoherent talkativeness), flight of ideas and sangat susah nak focus  which makes it soooo soooo hard to get informations from her.
tambahan pula, the family sangat2 susah dicontect which makes it even harder for me to get the patient's episodic mental history.

but i said to myself, ok lah, as long as nnt i can interview her well depan my consultant, i'll be just fine..
however!!!!! on the exam day itself, guess wat happened???
it turns out she started her depression episode on that day!
bermakna, die menjadi org yg sngat depressed, nangis tak tentu pasal, tak nak ckp ngan sape2, duduk diam2 je die at the corner of the ward.
menggelabah mak u know!
pujuk punya pujuk, tetap tak nak di interview jugak.
nak tak nak, kene la carik patient baru yg i have know not a single thing about
miahaha... and the rest is history!
but it worth it all bile my consultants asked me to do psychiatry for my residency, children psychiatric to be exact, because she said she can see potentials in me. dua hal yg tak berapa saya gemar. children+psychiatriy..

so that's that!
saye dah settle da medschool saya.. yeeha!


{ yaya } said...

YEAY!!! Congrats darl, what a relief kn? teheee~

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