Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I am grateful... ‎​​​ ‎​اَلْحَمْدُلِلّه

Dear lifeylife...

I've been mengeluh too much...
Waking up at 4, taking a bus at 5 and later an angkot to the hosp every morning has tire me up a little bit.

Arriving the hosp around 6, running while shouting to own self, "I'm late! I'm late". Makin kuat perasaan nak mengeluh bile tgok pintu pagar depan hosp tak buka pun lg which forces me to lari ke pintu belakang hosp which makes me another 3 mins late.

Arrive at the labour room, sigh heavily the moment I saw few families waiting out side the labour room. It must be a tough night for my fellow colleagues who stayed back for the oncall last night. Silently I prayed that tonight will be a calm night for me(oncall night baybeh)..

I was slapped back into reality when my colleague told me that a patient will be brought up to the labour room later so she has to stay back at the labour room a little bit later before going up to do patients follow up. Hoyay! More patients for me(sarcastic)...

Oncall tonight, esok visite dgn dr E. Ade kemungkinan kne maki habis2an coz I heard he was in such in an ill tampered lately. 32 working hours stright is actually nothing. I am so grateful.

Xperlu lah nak mengeluh bnyk sngt awa... Ade org yg kerja dia lagi berat, risiko lagi besar dan dpt gaji xberbaloi pun nak bandingkan dengan kita. Kutip sampah, lombong arang batu, cuci baju rumah jiran, sapu pasir kt jalanan dan macam2 jenis pekerjaan lagi yg xterfikir oleh otak cetek ni. Kalau kita asek mengeluh je bermaksud kita xbersyukur. Whining won't makes everything bare able. Smiling and being grateful makes everything seems light and easy.

اِ نْ شَآ ءَ اللّهُ


efa fairuz said...

i strongly agree!

while we're leisurely working in air-cond-ed room, there are others who suffer under the harsh sunlight every single day to gain money..

Hawa CMS said...