Tuesday, February 7, 2012

of v-jay-jays and uteruses ;p

dear lifeylife...

life at the OBGYN department is surely hectic as i thought it would be
there are 6 people in our group and everyday, 2 of us have to stay back at the hospital for oncall
that means we have to do oncall every two nights.

oncall night*labor room, wards, operation theater(OT), ER and whatnots*
postcall night*exhausted-sleep early*
precall night*stress-sleep early* ;p
oncall night*ctrl+c then ctrl+v*

last week was my OT's week
so i spent most of my time in the OT
mostly for C-sects and curettes and other laparatomy operations for gynee patients
nothing much basically because it was my first OT rotation so i just help with the patient's pre-op preparation, paper works and helping with the baby

the most i could do was being an assistant during the curette which was no fun at all
cant wait for my next OT rotation where i'll be able to be the 1st assistant during a c-sect
*dah lama tak menjahit weehoo!!!*gian*

this week i was assigned to be at the labor room
meaning more and more vagina touche, episiotomy+sew it back and of course being as supportive as we could be in time of leading tired-helpless-desperate mommies undergoing their pain during the harsh stages of labor.

err... messy messy work i tell u
but at the end, listening to the first cry of a new-born baby on his/her effort to inhale as much oxygen as he/she could to make sure the lungs inflate well for the blood to enter the lungs for the first time and start the complete blood circulation, see the blueish face turned pink and see he/she actively moves his/her limbs for the first time, surely make every thing worth it all!*manly-tears* ;p

err.. dah *lewat?* malam and tonight is my precall nite
stress oh stress
tido sekarang!
nitey nite nite!
roger and out!


efa fairuz said...

melihat gambarajah di atas, akak rasa ngilu dan sakit.. tp menghadapi dan merasai sakit bersalin dan episiotomy, x pulak rasa macamtu..

i wonder how u feel when cutting patient's v-jay-jay during labor.. do u feel the pain? the patient surely tak rasa sakit sebab kena gunting masa contraction.. tp doktor yg menggunting tu tak rasa ngilu ke? huhu..

Hawa CMS said...

ntah la kak efa
dah buat mcm2 mende da
so takde rase ape sngat da
alah bisa tegal biasa org kate
tp tiap kali ajak mak2 push
ngan kite2 skali penat mengepush jgk

wat i can say is
mmg patut syurga di bawaha telapak kaki ibu...