Friday, February 20, 2009

Alexithymia cepatlah berlalu...

dear lifey life...

emotionlees ni(to certain things of cause)

dulu asek nak marah je
now da tak rase pape da plak

Someone who is emotionless is "lacking emotion - unable to show emotion; one who feels no emotion, or very little emotion."

Many times when people have been hurt badly in their past, they develop a hard core within and build up high walls without to protect themselves. They may have all the same feelings that others have, but they are unable to show them. Sometimes they may even be so hurt they become callous and unable to feel anything. In either case, there is a real healing needed.

ps:drama queen tol la awa ni! haksz!!

ps::i'm sure it's just a short phase.... oh please God, ends it real-super-quickly quick...

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