Saturday, March 26, 2011

cheesy wedges!!!

dear lifeylife....

here in indonesia, the kfc does not provide cheesy wedges
and that is such a stomach torture for me
coz i love cheesy wedges so very much

so nak tak nak
i have to make a batch my own self!!!

a batch of potato wedges
more like an army of them

what are u laughing at eh cow!
i'm sure he's laughing at how lame i looked ruining my own diet program!
well at least the calcium is high
say NO to osteoporosis people!

there goes my diet!

oh please forgive me dear 'dieting program'
i'll get back to u soon!
very sooooooonn

and im still craving for sushi?!
ade cacing ke dlm perut neh??

dah selesai makan
rasa marah pd diri sdiri

Monday, March 14, 2011

and my heart skipped a beat

dear lifeylife....

walking alone along the very small path in the very dark and chilling night was a wake-up slap for me
then my heart skipped a beat
after an eventful month, now i'm all alone once again
lonely miserable me