Thursday, February 26, 2009

impacted 3rd molar@wisdom teeth

dear lifeylife....

i'm in pain!

i kne both kat lower jaw je
luckily upper jaw ok lak
3rd molar dextra(kanan)-angular
3rd molar sinistra(kiri)-horizontal

my dextra 3rd molar ni da ade infection
n the dentist urge me to do the operation as soon as this friday
die dah ready nak refer me to the oral surgeon dah
tp ade exam n masalah insurans yg menyakitkan hati, so i postponed it to early march
wat operation kat malaysia je la

ape yg i kne tanggung bcoz of 2ketul gigi yg bertuah ni???
ni die!
  • Pain or tenderness around my gums
  • Swelling around the jaw
  • Jaw pain
  • Unpleasant taste when biting down on or near the area
  • Prolonged headache or jaw ache

so myb nnt i'll be going back to malaysia utk wat the surgery
early march i guess
thnx to maklang yg sudi nak tolong uruskan everything
sakit ni wei!

k la
till later k dear

Friday, February 20, 2009

Alexithymia cepatlah berlalu...

dear lifey life...

emotionlees ni(to certain things of cause)

dulu asek nak marah je
now da tak rase pape da plak

Someone who is emotionless is "lacking emotion - unable to show emotion; one who feels no emotion, or very little emotion."

Many times when people have been hurt badly in their past, they develop a hard core within and build up high walls without to protect themselves. They may have all the same feelings that others have, but they are unable to show them. Sometimes they may even be so hurt they become callous and unable to feel anything. In either case, there is a real healing needed.

ps:drama queen tol la awa ni! haksz!!

ps::i'm sure it's just a short phase.... oh please God, ends it real-super-quickly quick...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


dear lifeylife....

have u ever felt so tired of ur life?
everything seems to be out of control?
emotion takes control over ur whole life?
feeling so restless........

dats exactly wat i'm feeling now

so help me DEAR GOD! give me the strength to live this life...

**rase nak humban abes barang lam bilik ni, but i wont do dat. coz only stupid people do that!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Berlin Wall~

dear lifey life....

gambar pertama: ketika karya seni ini dicipta::25/7/2008::
gambar kedua: aprisiasi karya seni tersebut::30/1/2009::
akhir kata
tahniah untuk mereka berdua

till then...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

jimat sket awa....

dearlifey life....

hanya mereka yg close to me up to 11tahun itu lah yg mengerti kalimat ini...

"jimat sket awa..."

harus lah berusaha sepenuh tenaga lpas nie... walau pada hakikatnye amatlah susah!

how to?
here are some theories

  1. Distinguish between Wants and Needs
  2. Is less better?
  3. Try before you Buy (Example: You feel that you absolutely must have a new Jet-Ski, at a cost of $4500 (and that is before financing and taxes). You go to the lake, rent one, and 45 minutes into a one hour rental you are saying, "geez, this is a long hour." Saved: More than $4500 (perhaps a year of college fees for the kid!)
memandangkan duit salu dihabiskan utk food so:
Food. Not only do you need to eat food to live, the expense of it for the average family can eat you alive! Since food is a necessary and recurring expense, just saving, for example, $20 a week on your purchases can convert to over $1000 in savings over the course of a year.
  • Try to plan in advance. By knowing what you need, you will be able to buy in larger quantities (almost always less expensive) and cut down on convenience food purchases (always more expensive).
  • If you use national brands, spend a little time clipping and using coupons. $1.50 invested in the Sunday newspaper could save you $20 or more at the checkout. Organize the coupons by type, so as you develop a shopping list you can make a notation if you have a coupon.
  • Consider store brands or generics. You may find the quality is equal to (and sometimes better than) the national brands, and store brands/generics are generally considerably less expensive.
  • When it is on sale, stock up. Of course this only applies to those items that you use on a regular basis. Stocking up on an item which you use once a year doesn't make sense (and robs you of spending money, not to mention shelf space).
  • Shop at the store that is the cheapest overall. Surveys have shown that there is sometimes as much as 10-15% difference on identical grocery orders at 2 different stores in the same area. If you spend $500 a month on groceries, that can equate to $600 to $900 a year in savings. Don't throw away your money just because it is your habit to shop at a certain store.
bile menggile nak beli baju, heals, jeans or handbags baru?

  • Buy separates that coordinate. You can make numerous combinations with a few well matched items. For women, jackets, slacks, skirts and blouses can be mixed and matched to create many different outfits. Plus you can change the look of these outfits with accessories such as jewelry or scarves. Men's clothing offers a wide variety of separates that can be coordinated: blazers, slacks, shirts and ties can all be interchanged to create a versatile wardrobe with a minimum of expense.
  • If you are "hard" on clothes, buy quality. Buying an $80 pair of shoes that will last saves money in the long run instead of having to buy 3 pairs of $35 shoes that don't hold up.
  • Stay away from trendy fashions. Stick with the basics. You can always be sure you clothing styles will last from year to year when you buy perennial stand-bys such as medium length A-line skirts and solid tailored blazers for women or neutral color shirts and tailored to semi-tailored sports coats for men
huh! easy said than done! 
berusahalah besungguh2 wahai cik awa!

till then

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

happy birthday sayang...

dear lifeylife....


kak long sayang n windu a'an sngat2!!!!

till then,

Sedih... n tetibe sngat windu kat adik an!.....

dear lifeylife...

literally am trying to hold myself from crying
just read this blog(got it from kak peaknee's blog) bout how a 7months old baby died in the hand of her baby sitter, an old unbelivably irresponsible lady(or should we put it as bit*h?)

how can an adult treat a fragile child like this???? i couldnt even dare to think how i might feel if the same happened to my little adik an? oh god i cant hold the tears anymore!! DEAR ALMIGHTY GOD, please dont ever let it happen to my adik2, nauzubillah... aminn....

few quotes from the blog.... enough said!

"Dr. Hiew bagi tahu masa hari kejadian tu... bahawa di kepala sebelah kanan Arwah ada kesan hentakan kuat...samada jatuh dari tempat tinggi atau terkena pukulan...."

"Deeja, balik cepat, akak takut engkau tak sempat tengok anak engkau..sbb dah biru" tp pada masa yang sama Ijah terdengar Zulaikha menangis kuat sangat di belakang..menangis macam org sakit sangat.. 

"dia ckp dia bagi Arwah makan nasi... tp bila doktor dah buat p.mortem sebutir nasi pun takde...susu pun langsung takde...yg ada hanya air masak... maknanya dia tak bagi Arwah makan dr Ijah hantar masa jam 6.45pg lagi... tp Pengasuh ni sampai sudah xmau mengaku....ttp berkeras ckp dia bagi makan.... bila disoal siasat lagi... rupa2nya Arwah dah start biru pada jam 9.00 pg tp dia call ijah pada jam 10.12 pg..."

semoga Allah memberikan kekuatan kepada keluarga Adik Zulaikha... 

till then

p/s: the baby's smile was so sweet n innocent...**cry again**

Monday, February 2, 2009

saye syg mereka!!!

dear lifeylife...

ni ms my besties dtg bermalam kat my house kat cheras
bestnye dpt lepak2 ngan mereka....

saya sesangat happy jumpe ngan mereka!
siapa mereka? inilah mereka... yus, ila n nadira.. aaaaauuuww!!
windu mereka sesangat!!!

till then...